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Crew and staff quarters as well as much of the engineering needs will be placed within the hull of the ship, below the main deck. Quarters will be air-conditioned and for each of the clinic staff their rooms will be furnished with a single bed, clothes locker and a desk.

MAIN DECKClick picture to enlarge

The main deck is the "working deck" of the clinic. Oral health care, dental surgery, medical triage and treatment will take place on this level of the ship. A laboratory, designed larger than this clinic's basic needs, is adaptable for research outside of medicine; water quality, biology, etc. A library/learning center will allow health educators to provide information to patients and families in a smaller and more private environment.

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The upper deck serves as a multi-purpose area; both a dining area for the staff, crew, and guests as well as a place to mingle and have recreation during off-hours. Four staterooms (or VIP rooms) are available for medical/dental volunteers or paying guests who may have a particular interest in the flora, fauna or the communities of the Tonle Sap Lake.

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The sun deck offers staff, crew and guests a spectacular viewing platform for star gazing and for those with sufficient sun screen lotion an area for viewing the surrounding habitat. At night, this deck can become a performance venue that will allow other organizations an opportunity to educate through entertainment, a successful strategy practiced especially for those with little or no education. (see below)
Photo Credit: Nhean Sakhem